Think about the following:

1) “Recent studies have shown that individuals who engage in some level of professional retirement planning benefit by more than 3% per year in their investment performance.”

You need professional retirement planning guidance!

2) “Only 20% of workers (25% of retirees) report they have obtained investment advice from a professional financial advisor who was paid through fees or commissions.”

You need professional retirement planning guidance that is affordable!

3) “About 60% of workers who obtained advice from a financial advisor say they followed all or most of the advice given.”

You need affordable retirement planning guidance that you can trust!

4) “Baby Boomers dread outliving their retirement funds more than death.”

Enough said!  Please read on.

We are all very busy and have little time to stop and analyze how best to reach our own retirement readiness.

We can help you find your personal road to retirement security by answering the following three questions:

1) How should my current nest egg be invested?

2) How much do I need to save each year to be able to live my retirement dream?

3) What risks do I need to consider today for when I am in retirement?

These questions are answered using our 3-Step Program, using the latest Internet technology: 1) educational videos to answer Question 1, 2) user-friendly online retirement plan platform to answer Question 2, and 3) entertaining and informative Ebook to answer Question 3.

Do any of the following statements describe your thoughts about retirement planning?

1) I don’t want to spend time visiting and chatting with brokers/advisors.

2) I don’t want to be a retirement planning expert.

3) I want insightful guidance without a lot of financial jargon.

4) I want to learn at my own pace.

5) I want to know just what I need to know and no more.

6) I want a complete personalized retirement plan that is easy to understand.

7) I want my retirement plan to be confidential that only I can access.

8) I want the entire process to be educational as well as entertaining.

9) I can’t afford to pay the high fees of retirement planners and advisors.

10) I want to be able to turn to someone to whom I can trust.

If the above statements speak to your current feelings about retirement planning, we feel your pain!   Welcome!

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Begin our 3-Step Program to Find Your Road to Retirement Security – Click Here.  Your only investment is a few hours of your time, and under $3 if you wish to purchase our book (see image of book cover on sidebar).


Enterprise Program for HR Department

We offer a 1) 60-minute, 2) media rich, 3) on-site, 4) trustworthy, and 5) motivational presentation for HR departments to consider offering their workers, encouraging them to visit this site. It is in the best interest of your organization to have your workers embrace their retirement readiness: studies have shown that reduced financial stress leads to increased job satisfaction and greater workforce productivity. It is also in your workers’ best interest to embrace retirement readiness: individuals who engage in some level of professional retirement planning benefit by more than 3% per year in their investment performance.

For information on Enterprise Program (including one-page PDF summary) Click Here.

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